When the Xbox was first released, gamers were pretty excited about the Xbox Live feature. The good is that the feature has managed to fulfil the expectations of the users and even surpass them. In fact, the Xbox Live is one of the major reasons why the gaming console has managed to become very popular among gamers, casuals and hard-core gamers alike. Nonetheless, there many things about the Xbox Live that people are not familiar about, especially those who are new to the gaming console.


Xbox Live: An Introduction

The Xbox Live is one of the main features available in the Xbox gaming consoles. It is currently available only for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. With the help of this feature, users can increase the ways they utilise their Xbox consoles. In fact, some of the best features in the Xbox can only be accessed when Xbox Live is being used.


In order to use Xbox Live, you will need to become a member first. There will be two levels to choose from and they are called Free and Gold. It is possible to upgrade to the Gold level from the free level by subscriptions or by using free Xbox Live codes. Each of these levels has certain features and benefits unique to them.



The Free Level

In order to access the free level, you simply need to purchase an Xbox. There is no need to pay anything else in order to access this level. From this level, you can access the gold membership through free Xbox Live Gold codes. There are few features available in this level.


In the free level, you will be able to create your very own profile and a unique Gamertag for identification. You can become friends with other Xbox users and add them to lists. You can talk with your friends through messages. Video calls can also be made provided both of you have a Kinect. Games can be previewed at this level. For video content, you can stream it via Zune.


The Gold Level

In order to access the gold level, you will have to apply for a subscription or get free Xbox Live codes. The gold level is the best way to enjoy an Xbox as it gives you access to all the features that the console is capable of.


You can opt for online gameplay in all the games with such a feature. Of course, you can also go for multiplayer games. Video content can be streamed through apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus. You can also access live sports events through ESPN. If you want to listen to music, you can access Last.fm or Zune. You also get all the features that were available to you in the free level.


You also get other advantages when you use free Xbox Live Gold codes to get this level. There are many games given out for free to Gold Level users. You can also avail some major discounts on various gaming titles. This is certainly a boost to your gaming experience.