Choosing An Outsourcing Company for Your Business

20 Jun

Outsource Data Services have a mixture of youth and experience. They possess exuberance of youth and the calm and maturity of experience. They have been in the data entry business for over 14 years now and any business which has sustained in this competitive market for so long is testimony that they must be doing something right.

They were established in the year 2002 and are a leading global business process outsourcing (BPO) company offering a range of back office support services and data entry services that supports your data through its entire life cycle.

ODS have a global presence with over 1500 Clients worldwide and offer a customer centric approach offering one stop solutions across various service lines and functions leveraging their deep industry knowledge and highly skilled workforce.

Outsource Data Services were rated as the best data entry company in Asia and have been continuously featured in the top 5 data entry services company since the year 2008.

They have strong work ethics that sets them apart from other service providers as they strongly believe in building relationships beyond the contract. This is not just a branding stint from them but indeed every member of their company lives by it. They want to change the world one relationship at a time. And are very much doing it by taking their relationships with their customers beyond the contract.

They are highly focused and have the vision to be the best in the Data Entry Services business. They strive to provide an efficient back-end which is a prerequisite to an efficient front end. They know that best results are achieved by collective growth and they strive for ODS to become a benchmark for quality, ethics and excellence.

ODS strive to provide the highest quality service and solutions that saves their clients time, money and improve their business performance. They provide 99.99% accuracy at the speed of 50-60 WPM and that too at competitive prices.

Providing industry grade Data entry services is not for everyone and that is why management at Outsource Data Services employ people with an eye for detail, with a predilection for accuracy and with the ability to learn new varieties computer software and spreadsheet applications in a short amount of time. Their employees go through regular and rigorous training which keeps them up to date and helps them deliver projects with utmost accuracy. This is one of the most prominent reasons why they have been able to do so well in this data entry outsourcing business. Their data entry employees also exhibit proficiency in typing, they key-in 50-60 WPM and are aware of dynamic and advanced technological developments in the field of data entry. Data entry is essentially a job done in an online setting involving the input of data into single or multiple databases or spreadsheet applications. ODS can work on several types of data such as numbers, addresses and names that are keyed in. They can even deliver output in any file format of your choice.

Why The Demonetization Was Complete Failure

09 Feb

We have always said that its pointless for Modi to go after religious Muslim or Christian votes. The conversion process instills a deep sense of hatred towards ones own people and a religious convert is totally brainwashed. It’s pointless to even debate or engage with a brainwashed person so it’s better to focus on unifying Hindus and convincing fence sitters or semi secular. Our team member has a discussion with a converted Christian guy called “Mahalingam” from Chennai in the office today. Notice the Hindu name and how they try to hide real numbers of conversion. Check out Mahalingam’s opinion on India/Modi. Each of the beliefs is a total lie that can be exposed by basic google search. but Abrahamic conversion fills you with a superiority complex that is fueled by fake victimhood to further expansion over non believers. Mahalingam sir firmly believes

1. India is in dire straits. The divide between people have increased many folds since Modi came to power.

2. It is a mandatory duty for anybody who is Christian to spread good words, i.e. tell people about Jesus and help them. This Modi government is not even allowing our people to come from outside the country on missionary visa. Everyone is forced to use tourist visa. Flow of funds have stopped. Nobody from foreign country (all good people though) is able to help.

3. RSS kind of communal organizations are given free hand. Satisfaction is going on everywhere.

4. Modi is all talk and no work. Ground level situation has not improved by an inch. On top of that he is sucking blood of the middle class by increasing taxes. He is selling oil at the same price at which Congress government was selling, though international price for the crude oil has reduced three time. Where is all money going?

5. Demonetization was a complete failure. Black money is more prevalent now a days than before. Namami Gange project has pathetically failed and Ganges River is Polluted to its extreme condition.

6. There is no hope left from the country whatsoever. We’re not even a developing country anymore. Internal & external investments have reduced to lowest levels.

So now you see people why conversion will destroy you one day? Imagine your fate if this kind of mentality takes over numerical as majority!! So don’t take conversions lightly. If you see a friend or a domestic help or known person planning to convert – do not sit back and watch. Do everything in your power to ensure that the conversion does not happen.

And if there is a neo convert who can be salvaged – do everything to ensure ghar wapisi. Else your future is dark and gloomy and your kids will be brainwashed zombies fighting civil wars in a third world hell hole. We need Modi for at least a decade more to avoid that.

Dealing with Necessities and Luxuries

13 Aug

An average person capable of financial freedom surely has his financial goals clearly mapped out. He knows where his hard-earned money should go. He has made a list of important payables: utilities, food, clothing, and children’s education, among others. He also knows that when a few extra bucks are free, he can go ahead and treat himself to a bit of much-deserved merriment. He needs it after all the toils at work that he endures, right? A few drinks here; a nice pair of new shoes there. There’s no harm in that.


Unhealthy Spending Habits

What isn’t acceptable is when spending goes out of control. Abusing credit card use and impulsive buying are classic examples of unhealthy spending habits. Misusing the feature wherein a person gets to have PayPal money generator is also included. Getting free PayPal money may seem exciting, and it is indeed tempting for those who are eager to spend and spend and spend. But when you use it, you’re only getting a Band-Aid solution to you’re your problem, Financial status will still worsen when someone gets tempted to buy too much unnecessary things.

Data Entry Services in India Via Paypal

Separating Wants versus Needs

Choosing to get a few extra free PayPal money is fine so long as the person can control his spending. The basics of proper money spending can be traced back to a basic concept: wants versus needs. Identify important necessities and separate it from the wants and luxuries. Money should be allocated on these needs. This includes food, electricity, water, and groceries. Financial obligations like credit card bills and mortgages also fall under this category and must be regularly settled to avoid getting stuck in hard times. After every need is settled, check the finances. Save up a portion of the money first, and then check if the remaining money can be used to buy a few wants. It could be new toys for the kids, a nice lipstick, or additional car accessories. But keep in mind that these wants are completely optional and should never be prioritized.

Definitely Doable

Taking control of finances properly is doable if a person is serious about it. It can be done whether he chooses to use PayPal services or not. It just takes guts and discipline to deal with life’s necessities and luxuries.